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Bangladesh Flag Color Code and Dimension


Bangladesh Flag Color Code is an essential thing for the designer. Bangladesh National Flag Design has two colors. One is red, another is green. The red in the middle of the green. Especially who will design the Bangladeshi flag digitally in the design software must need the code. The flag design also has an exact dimension too. The dimension is 10:6. And the red circle isn’t actually placed in the middle of the flag. There is also math. The red circle will be placed on the little-left part from the middle of the 10:6 flag.

Bangladesh Flag Color Code and Dimension

Bangladesh flag has pride of freedom fights and the natural beauty inside of its moto. The red means the blood which the Bangladeshi people lost in the freedom war in 1971. It also a symbol of the sun. And the green generally means the beauty of its village-nature. Using the BD flag in the wrong dimension or wrong intended task is a crime. It is very strict to maintain it’s right size and color for the purposes. So, also being aware of it’s use is a must. BDinfoDesk tried to focus and publish it’s right color code with size/dimension online so people can easily get the information by a simple search. Below is the Bangladesh Flag Color Code.

bd flag color code red photo
BD Flag Color Code Hexacode Red

BD Flag Red Color Code

Bangladesh flag has two colors in the respective alignment. One is red. Red is the symbol of blood which is a pride of the Bangladeshi people has lost many lives in the freedom fight in 1971. It also means the sun which is basically red in its full light. And the color code of red is #da291c.

bd flag color code green photo
BD Flag Color Code Hexacode Green

BD Flag Green Hexa Color Code

Bangladesh flag has the other color green around the red circle of it. Which means its natural beauty. Like the crops, trees, grass, village nature, etc. Bangladesh is called a naturally beautiful country. And it’s flag has that moto too. Red and green of Bangladesh, the national flag. And it’s green color Hexa code is #006747.

We believe you have the right information here regarding your search of Bangladesh Flag Color Code. BD national flag color code is commonly used in graphic design, flag printing, the making of a badge, etc. We are glad to have you provided the right information here. Thanks for being with BD Info Desk.

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