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Useful & Best Android Apps You Can Try – 2022


I am an Android user since 2011. But I’ve started my smartphone journey with iPhone which was an iPhone 4. I didn’t use my iPhone for a long time, though. I picked up my iPhone with help of my foreign relatives who carried it but unfortunately or mistakenly we ordered one country locked mode. With the help of gravy SIM, I’ve used my iPhone for calling for a few days only, then it gets locked again. And I’ve exchanged it with one of my elder brothers who just finished his graduation from CSE at that time. In exchange, I’ve for a Galaxy Y(young) with Android 2.3(Gingerbread). And I know how hard it is to find the Best Useful Android Apps for daily use. 

And then, I started falling in love with Android immediately. I’ve always missed my iPhone 4 design, though. After that time, I used iPhone again for 6S but I never left Android fully for a single day. Currently, I am using a Samsung flagship.

In my long journey with Android, I found several apps in several times that are very useful for day-to-day use. And in 2022, I am going to share the 20 best android apps with you which you can try for purposes you use your device for every day.

best useful android apps 2022
best useful android apps 2022

Best Useful Apps for Android – 2022

  1. AccuBattery: If you think your battery is performing not that well and you need to inspect its health, you can try this app. After it is installed, it will take one week to analyze your phone’s using and charging behavior, and then it will give you an overview of battery health & life.

  2. Tasks: This is a Google app to manage your daily to-do list. It has plenty of features to make your daily lives tasks and meeting easy to manage. This is one of the Best Useful Android Apps in my sense.

  3. ADM: This stands for Advance Download Manager. If you love to download movies and tv-serials then use this app to download movies from FTP and Torrent to watch them on your smartphone.

  4. Bangali Ranna: I like cooking. But I don’t do cooking that much. But when I cook I need to see recipes. And this app helps me in that case. It has a lot of cooking recipes in it. You can also try it.

  5. Chord Ai: If you have an interest in playing any instrument like Guitar, Piano then this app will help you learn chords so much.

  6. SnapSeed: This is also a Google app. Snapseed is very useful for smartphone users who love to take photos and share them instantly on social media. Snapseed offers extraordinary photo editing features like lightroom. It has a lot of filters and editing options you can try.

  7. Google Duo: This app is provided by Google. Very lite weight app for voice and video calling. It works at very low internet speed and performs better than messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

  8. Easy Voice Recorder: If you want to record sounds of studio quality, then you must try this app once. This gives a clean and fluent sound recording experience with very high-quality recording.

  9. Files by Google: An alternative app to file manager, but it has exceptional features that the built-in file manager doesn’t offer like backup files to the cloud. Try this app and forget about the built-in file manager.

  10. Gameloft Classic: Gameloft is a giant in game design. You played or see playing games by coin, right? You will have all those games in this app.
  11. Meme Generator: This app gives a lot of meme ideas with photos and quotes. You will be amazed to see the app feature to generate memes.

    best android apps you can try 2022
    best android apps you can try 2022

  12. Moises: This app works flawlessly to remove a voice from a completely published song. It helps to extract voice so you will have an instrumental version like karaoke to practice with your own voice.

  13. Money Manager: If you want to keep an accountant for you then this app will help you keep track of your every penny.

  14. ReadEra: If you love reading books, then this app is made for you. It offers a lot of books collections to read.

  15. Shapla News App: This app put all the daily news from every newspaper in one place. It’s ad-free, with a very clean UI. If you randomly read the news every day then this is the best android apps for you to get your new reading experience moved from random to reading the news at regular times.

  16. Stellio Player: If your earphone gives an imbalanced sound level in the left or right headphones then install this app to adjust the sound level in each of the earpieces. Amazing, right?

  17. InShot: Use this app to edit daily small videos. Do not underestimate this mobile app. It has a lot of pro features.

  18. Super Sound: Audio editing is sometimes necessary. Like, I edit music as a hobby, and this app works just fine for basic to medium level audio editing experience.

  19. VLC Player: VLC player is a well-known app to watch movies/videos. Its most influential feature is you can level up the volume to 200%.

  20. ShareMe: ShareMe is an app from Xiaomi. We all know that ShareIt has a lot of adult ads in it. You can use ShareMe for a clean and smooth-performing file sharing experience.

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