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How to bKash Send Money to an Unregistered Mobile Number


bKash send money is a very important feature that every user uses the most. We generally send money to bKash users and suffer from sending money who doesn’t have a bKash account. Sometimes we need to send money to the mobile number and we don’t know the number is registered with bKash or not. In that case, the well-known and leading mobile banking service provider bKash in Bangladesh, a Brac Bank company, recently announces a new feature that will allow the users to send money to a mobile number that has not been registered with bKash yet.

bKash send money to an unregistered number

What you need to do is send the amount as you always do following the process below-

  • Open bKash app or dial IVR following the dial code #247#
  • Give your mobile number and PIN to log in
  • Go to “send money to non-bKash user”
  • Put the unregistered mobile number
  • Write the amount
  • Give your bKash PIN to confirm the transaction

After you have done the following process, the unregistered mobile number will receive an SMS with the bKash app link to signup with bKash, and after successfully registering, the money will be deposited into his/her wallet. To do this, the receiver will have 3 days to register with bKash in order to receive the money. Otherwise, the amount will be disbursed to the sender’s account.

bkash send money to non registered mobile number postimg

Also, the sender can cancel the transaction anytime before the receiver creates an account with bKash and have the amount in their available balance. To cancel the transaction, please follow the process below.

  • Open the bKash app
  • Go to transaction details
  • Identify that specific transaction
  • Click/tap on the cancel button

The receiver who still doesn’t have a bKash account can receive money via bKash once before opening an account with bKash. When the sender will send money to the unregistered users, both will receive SMS notifications on their mobile numbers.

Hope this article helps.

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