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Airtel Internet Pack, Airtel Data Net Pack Offer


Airtel Internet Pack Offer

Airtel has been merged with Robi a while ago. And after both companies merged together and Robi has the maximum portion of the new partnerships, they are now the second-largest mobile operator in the country. Where GrameenPhone keeping their first position for a really long time. And for Airtel’s new growth in Bangladesh, they have a lot of Internet pack sales too. Airtel internet pack is the most popular mobile internet in the country. In the data game, they are doing good because of the balanced customer load. Huge customer can make the internet worse sometimes, the most reliable example could be the GP. Airtel data pack, on the other hand, got much positive attention to the crowd. In this article, we will discuss more Airtel data net offer below.

Why Airtel is the Best One for Mobile Internet

GrameenPhone has most of the customers in Bangladesh. And because of the high volume of customers, their voice network even suffers a lot. A lot of complaints are submitted to telecom authority against them. Banglalink is another one whose position is below from Airtel/Robi. And the problem with Banglalink is its poor network. Their coverage is too low with weak signals. That’s why their internet sell is also lower than Airtel/Robi. Teletalk is not doing good at the real competition, they are not in the line we can say. So, the ultimate performance winner is Airtel. Airtel data pack is popular because of the quality of buffering. The Airtel internet pack speed tier is divided into two parts, one is for video playback like YouTube and social network, other is for regular other use of the Internet. And their YouTube and social part carry massive data speed allocation. That’s why the user gets their most experience good when they use YouTube or Social media like Facebook.

Airtel Internet Pack
Airtel Internet Pack

Airtel Data Net Pack Offer

Below is the latest Airtel Internet Pack list you can check and enjoy purchasing. But as the mobile operator changes the packages frequently day by day, we can not assure you the list will keep a hundred percent up to date. But we keep eyes on Airtel Data Offer every month and updates here. We suggest, please check their data package from the authentic source we will give the link below to the list, then use. And please note, all the packs below are only valid for the prepaid connections only.

Daily to Weekly Net Package

MB/GB Validity Activation Charge
1 GB 3 Days *123*022# 22 TK
1.5 GB 3 Day *123*038# 38 TK
3 GB(2GB all+1GB 4G only) 3 Days *123*054# 54 TK
2.5 GB 4 Days *123*059# 59 TK
5 GB 7 Days *123*129# 129 TK
2 GB 3 Days *123*044# 44 TK
1.5 GB 7 Days *123*089# 89 TK
10 GB 5 Days *123*101# 101 TK

7 Days to 15 Days Net Pack

MB/GB Validity Activation Charge
7 GB 10 Days *123*179# 179 TK
5 GB 10 Day *123*159# 159 TK

Airtel Monthly Internet Pack

MB/GB Validity Activation Charge
2 GB 30 Days *123*229# 229 TK
7 GB 30 Day *123*498# 498 TK
30 GB 3 0Days *123*998# 998 TK

Stay Home Pack

Price (Taka) Purchase Channel Offer Validity (Days) Prepaid Postpaid
429 *123*429# 6 GB 30 Days Yes Yes
Recharge (429 Tk) Yes No
598 *123*598# 10 GB 45 Days Yes Yes
Recharge (598 Tk) Yes No
648 *123*648# 10 GB + 600 Min 45 Days Yes No
Recharge (648 Tk) Yes No
948 *123*948# 20 GB + 800 Min 60 Days Yes No
Recharge (948 Tk) Yes No

Airtel internet pack also has a social data pack for social freaks, like, 4GB Social pack for FB Messenger with 4 days validity for 39 TK. This sort of package could be a cold killer for your mobile balance. Because of the condition- 39Tk FB Messenger pack can be used to browse through FB messenger (chatting, video calling & photo sending). But if any external link (not within FB Messenger) is shared, then the internet will be consumed from other packs or Pay Per Use may happen. That means, if you click any link someone shared with you via messenger then you will be charged for what you use outside of messenger. Most people don’t check their balance after making a phone call or use of the airtel internet data pack. But when suddenly check, they get shocked.

Sum of the context

We try our best to collect updated information on airtel internet pack from different Airtel official source but we can’t guarantee the authenticity of the information all the time as the operator keep right to take any decision against any offer any time. For any damage after using the information above, BDinfoDesk will not be responsible. Please check airtel’s official website before use/apply any offer.

Thanks for being with BDinfoDesk. If you find this article/information helpful, please share it with Facebook so your other friends also know and enjoy the airtel internet pack offers too. Below are a few other articles you may find helpful.

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