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Govt All Ministry Helpline Number Index of Bangladesh


One day, I was searching for a ministry contact number and I’ve faced the toughest situation finding that number visiting Ministry website. And I have realized that day, if I get all the ministry contact numbers in one place, that would be great. And this is the day I am going to collect and put all the ministry contact number at once place.

It’s not that old, people rarely using a Telephone to contact each other. And a Telephone was very costly the connection was not available everywhere too. It was basically being used for every government office like Police station, District controller office, Justice office, and so on. A telephone in a home was rare even a few days ago. But today, the mobile phone took place on that and the mobile phone in every pocket is a fashionable communication device. From personal contact to government helpline, mobile phone or toll-free short number are being used drastically. But the telephone didn’t die yet. A mobile device is more convenient today.

In addition, Bangladesh’s National Emergency Number is 999, which covers Police, Medical, and Fire Service.

Govt. office and department has offered helpline numbers almost every cabinet now does. We have found all the numbers and publishing here so people can get all the contact numbers in one place. Below are the department/cabinet name and helpline numbers. Please let us know if you find any inconvenience in communicating any department following the number below to it.

All ministry contact number of Bangladesh

  1. President’s Office
    Contact number: 88-02-9568041-50
  2. Prime Minister Office
    Contact number: +88 01555 888 555
  3. Parbattya Chattargram Bishayak Montronaloy
    Contact number: +8802-9540033
  4. Primary and Mass Education Ministry
    Contact number: +88-02-9546038
  5. Agriculture Ministry
    Contact number: 3331, 16123
  6. Civil Aviation/Air Ministry
    Contact number: +88-02-9511004
  7. Ministry of Commerce
    Contact number: +88-02-9545006
  8. Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges
    Contact number: +88-02-9511122
  9. Defence Ministry
    Contact number: +88-02-9111003
  10. Ministry of Food
    Contact number: +88029540011
  11. Ministry of Education
    Contact number: +88-02-9576679
  12. Ministry of Electricity
    Contact number: +88-02-9513364
  13. Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources
    Contact number: +88-02-9514933
  14. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
    Contact number: 01824-396792
  15. Ministry of Public Administration
    Contact number: +88-02-9570100
  16. Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
    Contact number: +88-02-9545700
  17. Ministry of Finance
    Contact number: +88-02-9514477
  18. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
    Contact number: +8802-9556020-7
  19. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    Contact number: +88-02-9559216
  20. Ministry of Home Affairs
    Contact number: +88-02-9574800
  21. Ministry of Housing & Public Works
    Contact number: +880-2-9512231
  22. Ministry of Industries
    Contact number: +88 02 47120800
  23. Ministry of Information
    Contact number: 01727-549686, +88-02-029588549
  24. Ministry of Textiles and Jute
    Contact number: +88-02-9540661
  25. Ministry of Labour and Employment
    Contact number: +88-02-9515532
  26. Law and Justice Division, Ministry of Law
    Contact number: +88-02-8333970
  27. Ministry of Land
    Contact number: 16122
  28. Ministry of Local Government
    Contact number: +88-02-9585335
  29. Ministry of Planning
    Contact number: +88-02-9180700
  30. Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology
    Contact number: 02-9571446(Post & Telecom), +88-02-8181115(ICT)
  31. Ministry of Religious Affairs
    Contact number: +88-02-9514533
  32. Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief
    Contact number: +88-02-9540542
  33. Ministry of Shipping
    Contact number: +88-02-9576770
  34. Ministry of Social Welfare
    Contact number: +88-02 9540452
  35. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
    Contact number: 109, +88-02-9545012
  36. Ministry of Water Resources
    Contact number: 01318234560
  37. Ministry of Youth and Sports
    Contact number: +88-02-9513363
  38. Ministry of Liberation War Affairs
    Contact number: +88-02-9568201
  39. Ministry of Expatriates
    Contact number: +88-02-41030444
  40. Ministry of Railways
    Contact number: 01711-691159
  41. Ministry of Science and Technology
    Contact number: +88-02-9540144

I hope the ministry contact number above helped you. But if you find a number doesn’t connect you to the absolute route, please do comment below, we will try to find the best way to share you and update here. If you think this post helped you out, please share this article to Facebook. Thanks for being with BDinfoDesk!


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